How it works

Public / Private tab

You can choose to keep your profile Public / Private

If Public tab is On, people searching on Public Profile can view your profile and can send you friend request.

If Private tab is On, no one can search /view your profile. You can send friend request if that individual has set profile as Public.

Public Profile

You can search profile of individuals who has kept their account Public and add them to your friend list.



The tab will show all your online friends from your friend list.


You have 3 options. Male / female / Others. You will be connected with random people according to the option selected.

• Make sure you have kept the correct gender on your profile.

• The stranger can only see your “Nick Name”

• You have the option to add Strangers to your “Strange list”. Strangers added to this list can only view your Nick name. They cannot access your profile.

• You can move a person from Stranger list to friend list if both parties accept the friend request.

PS : Your friends can view your friend list from your profile but stranger list is only visible to you. However, you have the option to hide your friend list.